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uxdoll was interviewed by the adult industry press about the process of starting uxdoll and the concept of selling sex dolls.

What is the original idea of selling these super realistic adult TPE sex dolls and companion robots?

When we look at the lives of most people around us, one thing you notice is that many people live alone, some even suffer from depression, social phobia or loneliness. So that’s when we thought, “People are mentally lonely, so they start to have pets, grow flowers, and exercise. But what if it’s both mental and physical loneliness?” At that point, the idea of making a real feel perfect curvy full body size solid sex doll came to mind.

“When we first entered the business, we basically belonged to the level of feeling the stones to cross the river. We do not have market research, we can only go to the major forums to find to ask, to find out what kind of people are in this circle, what is their demand for the appearance of the doll? What kind of style should be? What other features do they need? What is the acceptable price range? All of this is slowly figured out.” The CEO of uxdoll said.

“From full TPE and full silicone material, we have tried to do, high-quality materials and carving master’s excellent skills to get good feedback from the market, later, we began to do the combination of silicone + TPE, and then into the Z generation like tan skin sex doll, blonde sex doll, in the price and comfort of the balance, opened up a new market.”

Now uxdoll doll brand operations and factory production is on track, but a new problem has arisen, that is, although lifelike TPE sex dolls can solve the problem, but they can not move, and can not talk to people. Is there a technology that can solve this problem? Many manufacturers in the industry have started to develop and produce sex dolls using artificial intelligence technology. uxdoll is also starting to develop artificial intelligence dolls in order to better adapt to future changes.

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